I n d i a

On my first trip to India in ????, I saw the Hann Kalisha Temple. On a Fulbright-Hayes scholarship program on the arts, I with seventeen fellow awardees arrived at the New Delhi airport in the early hours of the morning.

As we rode from the airport into the city, we watched men working to widen the road. It was startling, because it was so quiet. In the western world such an activity would be very noisy. The racket of huge earth moving machines and men shouting to be heard over it's noise. Here it was deathly quiet. Just men digging, hauling and smoothing, all by hand.

In the western world, we pride ourselves on the slogan "untouched by human hands".

The Kalisha Temple was cut by hand from above, out of solid rock. It is lavishly sculpted with life sized animals and images of gods and godesses. Hands with simple tools had dug out of the rock an estimated 30,000 cubic tons of rock, and sculpting as they carved sensitive forms with great dexterity.

My response to India is one of Indian hands doing all the things that most western hands have forgotten how to do.